Lecture Guidelines / Speaker Instructions

We are providing these instructions to speakers in order to minimize the chances of technical difficulties with the presentations and to ensure that the presentation schedule is maintained. Your cooperation with these instructions is critical for a successful conference and we thank you in advance for your kind assistance with this.

  • Prior to the start of each session, please arrive at your session at least 20 minutes before the start of the session to introduce yourself to the session chair and to upload your presentation from a flash drive labeled with the presenter’s name. Important to note that if there is no time to submit your presentation between sessions, please submit the presentation during the break that immediately precedes your session.
  • We recommend that you use the computer that is provided unless using your own computer is essential to avoid software/hardware compatibility issues. Computers running Windows XP will be available with PowerPoint, and Acrobat Reader software using standard default settings.
  • Please prepare all slides in your presentation to the aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • Please bring an additional copy of your presentation in PDF format to be used in case of software incompatibilities, computer problems.
  • Please allow time for questions, i.e., 20-minute talk should allow 3-4 minutes for questions.
  • If you must use your own computer, please have your computer up and running to avoid requiring booting up before your talk can begin. There will be power outlets available (US grounded plug). Please bring plug adapters if required. Please remember to disable/turn off the screen saver. Should the computer go into a standby mode (black screen, screen saver, etc.), please make sure you know how to bring it back to active mode. If this involves typing in a password, please make sure you know the password. If using a flash drive, do not remove the flash drive once installed for presentation.
  • Please come to the podium during the question period for the previous talk so you will be ready when you are introduced as the next speaker.
  • Kindly note that session chairs are under very strict instructions to keep their sessions on schedule. Please allow 1-2 minutes of your presentation time for discussion noting presentations will not be allowed to exceed the total time allotted.


PREP Symposium/Exhibit Manager
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