July 20-23, 2014

The Westin Boston Waterfront
Boston, MA, USA

PREP 201427th International Symposium on

Preparative and Process Chromatography

Mark your calendar!

July 20-23, 2014 in Boston

Premier arena for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in

Preparative Chromatography, Separation Science and Technology

- Driving the Field of Preparative & Process Chromatography -

Join scientists and media manufacturers from around the world who will focus on presenting some of the most cutting-edge areas of preparative and process chromatography; and see how the latest products and technologies are driving the pace of innovation in scientific research. The program is packed with papers on biochromatography, QbD, monoclonal antibodies, VLPs, and other biopharmaceuticals, chiral molecules, SFC, fine chemicals, SMB, APIs, monoliths and new stationary phases, and more. 67 oral presentations, 2-day Poster Session, 2½-day Exhibit, and workshop program providing advanced tutorials covering various aspects of process chromatography. PREP 2014 is the most recognized international conference packed with expert professionals who will address key developments, issues and hottest topics in the preparative and process liquid chromatography field.

  • Find current solutions to practical chromatographic separations.
  • Optimize chromatography processes for the best economic production.
  • Discuss current and future challenges and opportunities for manufactures as well as media and equipment suppliers.
  • Get close-up views of the latest products and technologies that are driving the pace of innovation in prep chromatography.
  • Interact with world leading scientists and engineers in all aspects of preparative and process liquid chromatography.








Keynote Sessions

In addition to general oral and poster sessions, PREP 2014 will feature keynote sessions addressing critical and emerging areas in preparative chromatography:

Industrial Case Studies in Protein Chromatography

Organizer: Giorgio Carta, University of Virginia

Continuous Chromatography for Intermediates and APIs

Organizer: Olivier Dapremont, Ampac Fine Chemicals

Continuous Downstream Processing for Biopharmaceuticals

Organizer: Alois Jungbauer, BOKU, Vienna

Increased Productivity and Reduced Costs of Small Scale Purifications

Organizer: Larry Miller, Amgen

Process Scale Purification of Peptides and Oligonucleotides

Organizers: Olivier Dapremont, Ampac Fine Chemicals, and Tividar Farkas, Phenomenex

Preparative Supercritical Fluid Chromatography

Organizer: Georges Guiochon, University of Tennessee

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PREP Symposium/Exhibit Manager
Ms. Janet Cunningham
Barr Enterprises
      www.LinkedIn.com/in/BarrEnterprises        301-668-6001