May 31-June 3, 2020

Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel

Baltimore, MD, USA

Most recognized international conference in the world for the presentation and discussion of the latest

developments driving the field of Preparative & Process Chromatography


PREP2020 May Update (CLICK HERE)


Because of concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and in light of the recent US CDC guidance that recommends cancelling such meetings, we regret to announce the cancellation of PREP2020. We look forward to seeing you at PREP2021 to be held at the Hyatt Regency Inner Harbor Hotel in Baltimore, MD, USA, on June 6-10, 2021.


PREP2021 will feature an expanded program from Sunday through Thursday. Papers accepted for PREP2020 will be automatically accepted for PREP2021 and the additional day will provide room for additional presentations, posters, workshops, extended exhibit hours, and more networking opportunities. Details about abstract submission will be provided later. With your support, we are confident that PREP2021 will be the best ever in this 33-year old symposium series. More than ever, perhaps, there is a clear need for the science and technology that is required to more rapidly develop and produce safe and effective therapeutic drugs and vaccines. We believe that the PREP Symposium plays an important role in this pursuit by bringing together the very best academic and industrial scientists and engineers and the very best technology suppliers in the field of preparative and process chromatography. We are confident that we will continue to do our part and lead in the solution of practical separation problems in this area.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive conference supporting the separation science practitioner in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, fine chemicals, food and beverage, and environmental industries? Are you looking for a highly integrated scientific, training, and exhibit program organized by the very best academic and industrial scientists and engineers that focuses on the latest trends and best practices in preparative and process chromatography? Are you looking for the most visible arena to introduce and promote your latest scientific discoveries, technologies, and services? Are you looking for the best networking and marketing opportunities in this field? Then look no further – PREP 2020 will provide all of that and more! 

Welcome to 4 days of exciting science, technology, and education at PREP 2020, the longest running, most recognized international scientific conference and exposition driving the field of Preparative and Process Chromatography, organized by expert scientists and engineers for the separation science practitioner. Join us for a dynamic and innovative program where world renowned speakers will address in-depth the latest scientific and technological advances, critical and emerging applications and processes, and challenges and solutions in all aspects of Preparative and Process Chromatography, Ion Exchange, Adsorption/Desorption Processes and Related Separation Techniques.


Keynote Sessions

In addition to general oral and poster sessions, PREP2020 will feature keynote sessions addressing critical and emerging areas in preparative chromatography such as:

Industrial Case Studies in Protein Chromatography Regulatory and Data Science Perspectives in Preparative Chromatography Continuous Chromatography: New Approaches, New Applications Continuous and Integrated Biochromatography Preparative Chromatography in Drug and Natural Products Development and Manufacture
Co-Chairs: T. Pabst and A. Hunter, AstraZeneca Chair: L. Beaver, LAB Enterprises Co-Chairs: K. Mihlbachler, YMC Process Technologies; A. Seidel-Morgenstern, Max Planck Institute, Magdeburg Chair: S. Kandula, Merck &. Co., Inc. Chair: O. Dapremont, AMPAC Fine Chemicals


The focus of this conference is the development, design, optimization, and operation of chromatographic processes and technology for a broad range of applications. The program will include papers on biochromatography, downstream processing, QbD, monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, enzymes, vaccines, viral vectors for gene delivery, VLPs, and other biopharmaceuticals, clearance of high-risk impurities such as host cell proteins, chiral molecules, SFC, fine chemicals, peptides, proteins, oligonucleotides, APIs, natural products, batch, multi-column and continuous SMB processes, column technology and equipment, monoliths, new and improved stationary phases, membrane chromatography, product quality, stability, safety and/or immunogenicity, and related process control strategies, regulatory aspects, and more!

  • Learn how to find current tools and develop practical solutions to chromatographic separations.
  • Learn how to successfully optimize chromatography processes and minimize costs for the best economic production.
  • Discuss and learn about current and future challenges and opportunities in the industry.
  • During the exhibition, evaluate and compare the latest products, instruments, techniques and processes that are driving the pace of innovation in Preparative and Process chromatography.
  • Interact with world leading scientists and engineers who will discuss critical and emerging areas in all aspects of Preparative and Process liquid chromatography.



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The PREP Symposium does not discriminate on the basis of age, color, disability, gender identity, marital status, national or ethnic origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, veteran status, and family and genetic information in its programs and activities.

By attending the conference, you assume entire responsibility and liability for damage and injury to persons or property during the conference to include losses, thefts, damages, injuries and claims arising out of your activities on the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor premises and you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold forever harmless the Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor, University of Virginia, PREP, Barr Enterprises, its officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives from any and all such losses, damages, and claims, present or future, known, anticipated or unanticipated. Participants are responsible for arranging their personal travel and health insurance.